Nebraska Document Freeze Drying

If your documents have sustained water damage do not fear they can be fully restored with our expert care. Elite Document Restoration services can fully restore any damaged documents in our premier document restoration facility. We work extensively with documents damaged by water, smoke and fire. We have repaired all manner of documents including damaged paper, book bindings, x-rays, films, fine art, library collections, business, legal and medical records for customers throughout Nebraska. No matter what source has damaged your documents be it smoke, fire or water, your documents will be restored fully by some of the industries most talented and expert document restoration technicians. We have thousands of satisfied customers across the country and we can provide references.

Business Documents and Legal Files – Healthcare Records and Government Records

Every year thousands of Americans lose their personal belongings due to water or flood damage. Losing your personal property due to a natural disaster. The good news is that your water damaged documents can be salvaged fully by our team of experts. The restoration process varies according to the extent of the damage and other situation factors but for most documents the process starts with transporting your documents in a temperature controlled trailer to our warehouse. We use freeze drying chambers to extract moisture. Freeze drying is one of the fastest and most reliable methods. Some documents might need other types of drying methods depending on unique circumstances such as air drying, de-humidification and vacuum thermal drying. Some documents might even need special care to remove acids from the documents. After freeze drying your documents are moved to a chamber which thaws them at a controlled temperature with all the moisture evaporating from it, then your documents are air dried. We then perform further processing and treatment as necessary at our document restoration facility.

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A cost effective means of drying large quantities of documents is vacuum thermal drying. This method works well on large quantities of wet documents. The process involves placing the documents in a chamber, the documents can be wet or frozen for this method. The Documents are then dried at 0 degrees Celsius. This process works best for those faced with large quantity document loss or those concerned about the cost of document restoration as this process is usually listed as the most cost- effective for homeowners.

The longer that you wait to act on the damage, the longer the time water has to further damage your documents and prolong the restoration process. Documents damaged by the elements quickly deteriorate, so a timely action for recovery protocol is necessary to halt the further progression of damage. Your documents are often irreplaceable once lost so it is critical to act fast when it comes to damaged documents. A quick reaction on your part can ensure an easier restoration and a less costly one, not to mention the quality of the restored document is often much better when they are treated right away.

The process starts with a free consultation to overview your document damage. Our team of expert document restoration technicians will inspect your damaged documents and develop a customized restoration plan. Our team of experts are able to quickly determine the best recovery method based on what type of document has sustained damage and to what extent the document has been damaged. Our document technicians are trained and experienced in the most advanced techniques available today.

We strive to keep you fully informed about the document restoration process and the progress that is made along the way towards restoring your documents. Your documents will be in good hands with Elite Document Restoration services. We also work either directly with you or with your insurance carrier when it comes to the billing of our services.

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