Minnesota Document Freeze Drying

Water and moisture are devastating to your documents. If your documents have sustained water or moisture damage you need to act fast since water and humidity create a two-fold attack on paper and other documents. Water continues to destroy paper until it is removed. Moisture present in documents can also cause mold, mildew and bacteria to form on your documents which also presents another danger for your documents. In order to halt any further damage you must have your water damaged documents transferred to a moisture free facility and restored by professionals.

Professional Document Restoration and Freeze Drying Services in Minnesota

Elite Document Restoration services can restore you documents damaged by water or moisture by using our innovative Freeze Drying process. With freeze drying your water damaged documents can be recovered by removing the water from the documents after they have been frozen. This allows documents to retain their structure, preventing any further damage while the water is being removed.

Business Documents and Legal Files – Healthcare Records and Government Records

The freeze drying process starts with freezing the documents at a controlled temperature in a special chamber in order to maintain the documents structural form. We then carefully place the now frozen documents into a special freeze drying chamber where a high pressure vacuum is safely used to remove any and all air, without damaging your document. At a certain point the pressure and temperature are at the right levels to convert any moisture present into a vapor. This vapor is then collected on a condensing surface are carried out of the chamber. We then use a slow gradual temperature rise which eliminates any left over vapors and any left over trapped water present in the documents.

The following document types can be restored via this method:
Artwork, Books and manuscripts, Business records and documents, Coated papers, Drafting linens, Legal files, Manuals, Maps, Paintings, Paper Money, Parchment, Patient and medical records, Pulp paper, Reference books, Text books, Textiles, Vellum

Freeze drying is one of the most cost effective document restoration methods on the market today. This method can handle large quantities of water or moisture damaged documents with ease, so it is ideal for large scale document restoration jobs following such unfortunate events as floods or hurricanes. Depending on your insurance coverage and existing policies insurance may pay for part or all of your needed document restoration services.

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While freeze drying works for most documents and offers a very effective cost friendly solution to most forums of water damage to documents, some documents are not a candidate for this method. The experts at Elite Document Restoration services will assess your water or moisture damaged documents and lay out a proper road map towards full restoration of your documents, giving you all the options you have to go forward. The main reason the freeze dry method is not perfect for all documents is that some documents have different absorption properties and saturation levels, which may become deformed as expansion and retraction occurs during the thawing and freezing process. In the event that your documents are not a candidate for the freeze drying method we have other techniques and methods that can be used to restore your documents fully.

Also one important peice of advice here that you should follow. Never attempt to dry out a water damaged document on your own. Document restoration of water damaged documents is best left to professionals you should never try a DIY appraoch to document drying and restoration. You could actualy further damage your documents and in the worse case scenario totaly ruin any chances at restoring the document fully, and in most best case scenarios of failed DIY attempts the document ends up permanently marred.

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